Keto News - September 2020

Keto News - September 2020

· Does Keto Help Athletic Performance?
· More Online Keto Events
· Vegan Keto or Carnivore: Which is Healthier?
- Hot New Keto Products

. Does Keto Help Athletic Performance
A new study in the Journal of the International Society Sports Performance look into whether being in ketosis helps athletic performance.  The study of endurance sports athletes said results were inconclusive, and they could find neither benefits nor detriments to measured sports performance.

. KetoCon Online
Following the cancellation of this year’s KetoCon, the organizers have disbanded.  They may attempt to reform a live or online conference in 2021, but not yet.

. Great Keto Site Gets Even Better
Ruled.Me - our Website of the Month – has added an FAQ that answers more than 100 common questions about Keto.

. Hottest New Keto Products’s Kickstarter for clean ingredient Keto crackers did not succeed.  But you can pre-order at:

@kissmyketo has launched Brownie Bites!  But while we love most Kiss My Keto products, like their bars and bread, these new Brownie Bites are sweetened with stevia and glycerin, which some consider to be a non-keto sweetener. 

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